About Us

“Every story starts with an idea”, but our story starts with a problem.
And this problem is especially commonplace in Hong Kong:
We are stressed, tired and tense.

Hong Kong is one of the most fast-paced cities in the world, we work long hours and we take pride in our work ethic. But it comes with a price tag – our wellbeing. We experience high-levels of pressure and stress and this in turn hurts our wellbeing and health. With mounting scientific evidence and a growing archive of personal experiences supporting the benefits of CBD, many people in Hong Kong are also turning to this natural alternative to find balance, relief and calm.

Speaking to both beginners and regular users of CBD, we’ve found that a majority do not know what exactly is CBD, what is in their CBD products, or how to choose a safe product. Accompanied by Hong Kong’s strict “Zero-THC” policy, which has revealed many bad players in the CBD space recently, consumers are finding it increasingly hard to find trusted CBD products.

With this in mind, we founded Mellow Asia.
A joint venture between UK’s leading CBD Marketplace, Mellow, and e-Cargo, an ASX-listed retail distribution company based in Hong Kong, our mission is to source high quality, compliant and effective CBD and wellness products to alleviate 4 main city-dweller health issues: Sleep, Stress & Anxiety, Pain, and Skin.

While many brands and retailers in Hong Kong sell a wide variety of CBD products, including Full-Spectrum — which may have traces of THC and is not compliant with Hong Kong regulations, Mellow only sources a small and trusted collection of CBD products that are THC-free. As a consumer-first brand, we do not sell any Full-Spectrum products, and all our brands use only Isolate, Narrow Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD, which are free from THC, CBN, or other banned cannabinoids in Hong Kong.

By being intentional with our product discovery process, implementing strict quality assurance, and doing our diligence to comply with Hong Kong regulations, you can shop with peace of mind.

We also believe that we can do more in making an impact with CBD. With our first retail shop at K11 Art Mall, our vision is to make CBD more accessible throughout Hong Kong and in other parts of Asia, including Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, so that more people can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of CBD to feel their best.