CBD Cocktail Bitters (1350mg)

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Enhance any cocktail with OTO’s non-alcoholic optimum-strength CBD Bitters.

OTO CBD Bitters have been designed to amplify the flavour of cocktails, mocktails, tonics and juices, helping to enhance social experiences and support overall wellbeing.

Expertly made by blending 1350mg pure OTO CBD with a bespoke range of herbaceous botanicals, this non-alcoholic Bitters brings a citrusy flavour profile with a hint of floral that is sure to add depth to any of your creations.

The liquorice root has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

The powder behind chocolate, cacao is rich in flavonoids: compounds that have been shown to support health, whilst promoting calmness and contentment.

Popular in South East Asian cooking, lemongrass is said to help people open up.

Purified Water, Cannabidiol, Liquorice, Lime, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Cardamom, Gentian, Cacao, Cinchona, Kaffir Lime.

Add 4 large dashes to tonics, cocktails, coffee or juices.

1 review for CBD Cocktail Bitters (1350mg)

  1. Adam Gill (verified owner)

    Excellent product … Have been using OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters for over a year .. You only need 4-5 drops per mug of coffee … I mainly use in coffee only and will last you a long time. The CBD bitters mixes with water based products much better than oil based CBD oils in my experience. Highly recommend! Great authentic company to buy from. Many bars and restaurants in Hong Kong already use OTO products.

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